College Town Apartments

College Town Apartments

College Town Student Apartments – Built by Hooper Construction

College Town FSU Tallahassee Gaines Street

Gaines Street Corridor & Spear Sculpture

The new College Town Apartments, 619 S. Woodward Ave., in Tallahassee and the Gaines Street corridor are sights to behold for students and visitors alike. The College Town and Woodward Avenue region are near FSU and the Florida State Football Stadium. The area is growing and is a new up-and-coming hot spot for students and businesses.

Parker Services has installed state-of-the-art, roof top air conditioning systems for the College Town Apartments to handle the cooling and air conditioning for the massive Apartment Complex.

Thanks to Hooper Construction for their expertise in construction of the College Town Apartments. Air conditioning systems designed and installed by Parker Services.


Air Conditioning Systems by Parker Services