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modern office 590Dual_Slim

Parker Services Air Conditioning “In House” Engineering Firm … Modern Professional Engineering is MOVING!

Modern Professional Engineering is now moving to a remodeled office building near the Governor’s Mansion at 225 W. Brevard St, Tallahassee.

The new office has a Ductless Split System using a Mitsubishi Variable Compressor installed by Parker Services.

The new system has a Multiport Variable Refrigerant Flow Minisplit Heat Pump System. It features an inverter duty compressor for wide range of turn down and provides high efficiency. Individual indoor units were installed in each room for direct control
of heating and cooling set points for each individual slim logo

The “Mr. SLIM” System Features:

  • Ozone Friendly R-410A Refrigerant
  • Variable Compressor Speed Technology
  • IAQ Catechin Plus Air Purifying System
  • 13 to 17 SEER with Up To 30% Energy Savings
  • No Starting Inrush Current
  • Super Silent Operation
  • Longer Pipe Runs
  • Low Ambient Temperature Cooling Operation

Thanks to Parker Services, Tony Colvin DBA Southern Fixins, Sod 2 Day, Roto Rooter and Metro Electrical.