Heating and air systems are the most complex thing in our houses unless you happen to have a self-driving electric car parked in your garage.  In our area, with high summer temperatures, freezing winters, springs and falls with daily temperature swings as much as 40-deg, high outdoor airborne pollen and mold content, among other environmental challenges these machines we so depend on for comfort and health are punished year after year.  Consider the above along with the ever-increasing family financial demands, rising energy costs, and our awareness and need for environmental and energy responsibility, it’s apparent that taking care of our home heating and cooling systems must be added to our annual to-do lists.  

Investing in a regular preventative maintenance program with a qualified HVAC service provider can benefit your household in several ways.  The obvious primary benefit is the maintenance on the machine.  While your car’s engine (that gets an oil change every 3-5 thousand miles or 3 months) is parked your AC systems components are hard at work, all day and all night, with motors turning, switches switching, pumps pumping, fans blowing and filters filtering.   Though the life of a typical AC system is 13 to 16 years, many of the components have a much shorter life.  For example, a run capacitor’s life ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 hours according to several manufacturers’ websites.  That amounts to somewhere between 3-1/2 to 7 years.  Regular maintenance and check-ups can catch these smaller components degradation before they fail, and potentially cause more catastrophic mechanical failures.

There are generally financial benefits to participating in a preventative maintenance program.  AC service providers will offer discounts from 10% – 15% on repairs, upgrades, and even offer special deals on replacement systems for being on a regular maintenance program.  Offering discounts and performing maintenance is beneficial to the service companies because it mitigates the highly cyclical nature of HVAC service business.  Typically, during the high temperature days of the summer, AC companies are paying overtime, techs are overworked and in danger of burnout.  Additionally, during the slower spring and fall months, those same techs may not be making full time hours, and companies are creating non-revenue generating activities just to keep the crew working.  Catching issues and preemptive repairs during the off seasons saves contactors money which is passed on to homeowners.

In addition to the mechanical longevity and financial benefits listed above there are energy and environmental benefits to having a properly maintained HVAC unit.  Lubricated motors and clean filters use less energy during normal operation.  Most comfort cooling machines use some form of refrigerant gas that if older systems develop leaks, can be harmful to the environment or cause the system to run inefficiently and waste energy. Homeowners are encouraged to protect their home by performing regular maintenance.  They should seek out qualified professionals to make the most of their investment.  We invite you to let Parker Services, Inc. and our trained and qualified technicians handle this important issue for your household.  Comfort’s just a call away!