Peak Performance Service Agreement

Our “Peak Performance Service Agreement” is the best way to extend the life of your comfort heating and air conditioning system, and maximize your investment.  Our basic plan includes two pre-season system maintenance check-ups, one for the cooling season and one for the heating season.  Our maintenance technicians will inspect and clean your system and make sure it is ready for the strain of keeping your home or business comfortable.  Other benefits include priority service during the busiest service times, discounted repairs and system replacement when the time comes.  Customers with qualifying connected or smart thermostats can be monitored remotely for added peace of mind.

Problem Solvers

We have built a diverse team of skilled and talented technicians that are able to address your building comfort challenges. Whether your system has just stopped working, you are experiencing uncommonly high utility bills, or your system has just never quite performed as you would like it to, let our team assist in fixing your problems. We have intelligent troubleshooters, factory trained experts, and decades of experience as well as engineering expertise to present the solution for your broken HVAC equipment or problem facility.

Carrier Controls Expert

As energy conservation goals continue to raise the bar and buildings become more complex, the need for distributed digital controls and integration of energy consuming systems with smarter technologies is penetrating the built environment.  Today, in more and more buildings, simple thermostats and light switches won’t quite get the job done.  Whether it is ease of management of large facility systems, remote monitoring, demand control ventilation, or a myriad of other benefits, our Carrier i-Vu controls or Lynxspring products can make your building work.  Let us help meet your building control needs.

For more information on the Carrier i-Vu system and how Parker Services can handle you Building Automation and Control needs, click here.