Carrier has been a key factor in the success of our company from the very beginning. With their innovative product offerings, Carrier systems are at the heart of many of our Commercial System applications. As the primary trusted partner in our design-build products, their engineering support, high quality products, and diverse equipment options help us meet our client needs every time.

In our quest to provide the best value and high quality to our customers, we have found Amana to be a great partner. At Parker, we love our country and enjoy sharing in its successes. The impressive factory just outside of Houston, Texas, where Amana systems are made is nothing short of impressive. So are the hundreds of Americans that pridefully work designing, assembling, testing, and distributing these quality systems.

Mitsubishi Electric presents a wide range of ductless split systems, multi-zone units, energy recovery products, and controls that we are pleased to offer our customers. In order to optimize energy efficiency and comfort, we recommend incorporating Mitsubishi multi-zone systems.

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